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Shit, I didn't mean to commit that!

gitshellbeginnerWe've all been there. We changed something that wasn't meant to get pushed, forgot about it, and accidentally committed & pushed it. Here's a neat trick to help avoid this.

Extracting a JS library from a snippets repository

gitscriptingad-hocA short explanation of how I extracted a single JavaScript file into its own repository from a bigger collection of snippets and mini-libraries, keeping the file's commit history but scrubbing irrelevant commits and other files from the repository.

Making the case for Skooma

htmljavascripttemplatingmetaprogrammingwebdevIn this short post I present a simple personal library I wrote for myself to handle HTML generation in JavaScript, compare it to many of its alternatives, and evaluate whether it was worth the time investment of not just picking an existing library.

What is CSS @scope and why should I care?

cssscopecomponentsvanillaA short introduction to the new CSS @scope rule, the history of CSS scoping and what makes it useful for different areas of web-development

An Introduction to Coroutines

coroutinesparallelismA language-agnostic introduction to the concept of Coroutines

Type-Writer Component: Magic and Asynchronicity

javascripthtmlwebdevasyncmetaprogrammingA detailed description of the development process of an HTML TypeWriter element in plain JavaScript using the custom-element API, meta-programming and some recursion magic.

Tabs are objectively better than spaces, and here's why

indentationtabsspacesHere's why I think tabs are objectively better than spaces

A rant on change, and the good old times.

rantprogrammingcommunityA long and poorly structured rant about a series of harmful phenomena I've observed in the world of programming.

Why I prefer Lua to Ruby

rantluarubyA short post describing the main reasons why after years of using both languages, I still prefer Lua to Ruby for most general situations.